The Baker/baker paradox and how to remember things more easily

This guy you know, any time you meet him at a get together, you’re always like “Jeez, I can’t believe I forgot his name again, I ask him every time, I’m so ashamed!”

The Baker/baker paradox will help you remember things more easily.

Mister A says : “Hi, my name is Baker”.

Mister B says : “Hi, I am a baker”.

Apparently the same word to remember. The paradox is that you’re much more likely to remember the profession of Mister B than the name of Mister A and here is why :

When Mister A tells his name, it is just a new name to remember.

When Mister B tells his profession, your brain immediately associates him with a breadiness environment, he kneads dough, puts bread in the oven, he wears a white hat etc. Your brain creates images that anchor easily in your mind.

So a simple trick to remember things more easily is to start creating images from information that you receive.

In practice :

-to remember somebody’s job, just ask questions about his/her daily tasks, picture him/her at work and focus on these mental images so that they will anchor in your mind.

-to remember somebody’s name, associate the name with a famous person and create mental images. If the person’s name is Leonardo, then picture him riding on the Titanic.


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